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My Dream Bride!

It is so easy to make a picture perfect wedding come true when we have the picture perfect bride!  Choosing a package that fits you best is sometimes a stressful task.  This can determine how much is done by you, and how much is taken over by us.  With the Day-Of package we are not as involved in pre wedding planning, but a few things can make everything stress free! With simple communication, organization, and a smiling face there is no room for stress or hiccups.


  1. Communication

The perfect bride is easy to communicate with. The more we can be on the same page with you and what your dream wedding is, the more we can make that come true for you and your fiancée.  Weddings are stressful, that’s where we come in, ask away!  We are here to answer questions and concerns.  With Day-Of we are not as hands on as our Full Services packages, so the more you can communicate with us on pre and post wedding tasks the more efficient and effective our job can be.


  1. Organization

We LOVE organized brides!  Layouts, decorations, seating charts, set up, pick up, and vendors.  The more we know, the better.  We once had a bride type out a list of EVERY decoration she had and exactly where everything went. For both ceremony and reception! Set up was so fast, exactly where she wanted it and we knew exactly what was going home with her that next day.  This allowed us to still be very hands on with vendors and set up without exceeding the package limits.


  1. A Smiling Face

Yes, we know this sounds funny, but smile!  Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life, relax and enjoy it.  The more you can relax and trust us, the better we can work our magic.  We will have time for concerns and questions through pre wedding meetings.  With communication and organization before your big day, the only thing left to do is have fun.  Enjoy the day, take in everything, and simply watch as everything comes together.

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New Opportunity! We are Hiring!

Typically we only hire once a year, but with a full calendar and amazing summer and fall ahead we are doing it again...right now! 

If you are interested in working for AnnaBelle Events or in the industry this is the best local option to gain the experience you will need. Please read through all the information below before applying to make sure this is the right fit for you and your apply correctly.

One qualification to being hired is availability on June 6th and July 25th, please be sure those dates work for you before applying. 

Resume MUST be received by May 22nd.

Summer 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Palette



Choosing the colors for your wedding can sometimes be a stressful task. Whatever you choose helps determine the feel of the wedding and many decisions after. There are many options from different color palettes, to shades, to even the amount of colors that you use. So how do you even begin to choose?  Here are five steps to start you off!

  1. Analyze the season.

Depending upon what season you are getting married, there are certain colors that you associate together. For example in the spring time you think of pastels and the winter is associated with darker palettes. Determine what season you want your wedding to take place in, and what types of colors would best fit the season.

  1. Determine what is “in”.

For many brides and grooms, it may be frustrating to keep up with the trends. But, if a certain color is popular at the moment, it is going to be easier to find items and clothing in that color. With that being said, it is important to go with what you feel best represents your personality and will make your wedding day perfect.

  1. Get inspiration from online sites.

Sites like ThePerfectPalette.com and Design-Seeds.com are resources for color inspiration. These sites, and other similar sites, allow you to scroll through already created palettes as well as searching by color and season.


  1. Think about you and your fiancé’s favorite colors.

This day is about you and your fiancé, so add some personality. This can even be a starting point for deciding your color palette. For example, both my fiancé and I love green and blue. Instead of taking the typical shades that you associate with these colors, we played around a little and ended up with Navy Blue and Mint Green.

  1. Try out any color scheme on Adobe Kuler.

Is there a color scheme that you have in mind, but you've been unable to bring to life? There is a simple solution to that: check out Adobe Kuler. This website allows you to play around with different colors and shades and create a color scheme. You can even download the color scheme onto your computer to use in different computer program.


Spring Wedding Floral Guide

Spring wedding floral guide

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of the year to get married!  Spring brings with it warmer weather and gorgeous blossoming flowers.  While flowers for a wedding can be costly, purchasing in-season flowers can help you save money.  So as you're deciding on colors and themes for your wedding, take a look at this Spring Wedding Floral Guide to find the perfect Spring flowers for your big day!



Tulips are some of the most popular spring flowers, coming in various colors and flower shapes.  Tulips are versatile and look great in bouquets and centerpieces by themselves or mixed in a multi-flower arrangement.  Their vibrant color are great for a Spring wedding!









Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies are perfect for a spring wedding, blooming in nearly every color!  They are very study with their thick, long stems making them great for bouquets.












Peonies only bloom in the spring so this is definitely the right time to get married if you are dreaming of peonies.  These flowers are also said to be an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.





Hydrangeas are a great way to get more for your money with their large blooms and deep color.  They're great to use if you want full centerpieces or bouquets and come in many colors from blue and purple and green, to white and pink.








Garden Roses

Garden roses are a delicate, medium-sized flower.  Unlike traditional roses, garden roses have fuller blooms and create more plentiful bouquets, offering a soft, romantic look.

Ruffled - photo by http://www.lisapoggi.com/ - http://ruffledblog.com/tuscany-destination-wedding/



10 Tips For Attending a Wedding Show

Brides, get a little insight & advice before you venture off for the day!

1. Set aside the entire day to attend the show.  That way you're not rushed and pushed to fight the crowds.  Also staying till the end increases your chance of winning door prizes.  many times you need to be present to win and vendors always wait till the end.

2. Pick specific categories of vendors you want to meet with.  Don't be overwhelmed by trying to tackle everything on your wedding to-do list.  Towns typically have 1-3 shows a season that you can attend and with an average 9-12 months to plan your wedding you will have two seasons of shows within your engagement.

3. Take time to actually talk to the vendors you picked out to book.  Talk pricing, availability and special things about their services and business.  This will save you consultation time later, if you don't like them at the show, chances are it's not a good fit.  Why waste their time and yours by just saying hi and booking a consult.  Get the hellos, nice to meet you and first impressions out of the way at the show.

9. Have you budget in mind before you go.  This will stop you from get carried away with vendors that our out of your budget and add-on things you see but don't really need.  You will be to keep your eye out for specific deals in areas you are personally looking to save on.

4. Bring labels with the your contact information.  Yes, be that girl!  You will thank me later, there's no need to skip the chance at winning something just because you're tired of writing you info. Be sure to include your name, wedding date, email and phone.  Skip the mailing address, vendors don't need it.

5. Bring a bag, but not your entire purse.  Just like any tradeshow or market type event, there are crowds and loads of things you end of carrying.  Inevitably the vendor with the free bag will be in the far back corner of the show, so bring something allow for all those samples, business cards and postcards.  Stay away from you entire purse so you have easy access to what you need and you give your shoulder a break.

6. Bring only a friend or two.  This is not the time for a entourage.  Again it's crowded and everyone is doing the exact same thing.  You don't want to go at it alone but don't bring the friend that wonders - bring the one that is eager to grab vendor info and stay by your side.

7. Come with an appetite but not starving.  Depending on the show you'll be able to sample food from multiple vendors, keep in mind it's just a sample and you are going but don't expect a full meal.

8. Bring cash for the snack bar or vending machines for water. Something to drink will probably be the only thing you would need, many shows have a convenient are to snag a bottle.

10. Enjoy it, at the same time don't set your expectation too high.  Every show is different - different layout, different list of vendors and different crowds.  Depending on the day it will be wonderful or just alright.



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